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Monday, July 5, 2010

I see you, do You see me?

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Mr. India had sent ripples across the county by its innovative concepts. I refer to my friends as Mr. India who barely show up online or keep in touch. Be it Navjot or Prithvi, they have earned the proud title “Mr. India” from me pertaining to their “invisibility”. Years after the movie hit the box office, it still creates a fantasy. I still wonder, what life would be if I turn invisible. End number of times I have participated in school essay writing competitions about the same. Same nostalgia comes running to me through this bolgadda contest today.

It fills me with trill and leaves me goose bumped with the thought that I would be invisible! Mr. India’s gadget would me strapped to my wrist and people wouldn’t be able to see me! Imagine the excitement and the sunning things I can do! Often I have heard others saying that the invisible power would make them rich, would eradicate all their problems an all. But aren’t there so many things to do beyond getting rich? Isn’t there a world beyond greed, where one has all the capability to do anything, feel happy, and make the world a happy place? Ah! I know I am sounding philosophical, but that’s true I swear!
I don’t want to loot money from rich to help the poor, like Mr. India did, neither do I want to be an invisible Robin Hood . With such an incredible power I think of doing wonders! How about travelling across the world without paying airfare? Or the idea of visiting the Africa wild safari, the mesmerizing Egyptian pyramids, the Bermuda triangle, being invisible, just leaves me breathless! Considering, that travelling happens to be my passion, this power of invisibility would take me to places where I could not imagine going as visible. What a trip would be like, around the world in 80 days or in the eight wonders of the world? I can hear my heart pump with excitement…lub dub..lub dub…

I wouldn’t have had to bother about buying a costly ticket to witness the thrilling FIFA world cup or IPL matches, which set the adrenaline pumping high and the crowd roaring with every score! I’d love to be invisible. Ah! Hopefully some day!!

If this power is used positively, then sure Maoist attacks could be prevented and save the lives of the Indian soldiers. I wish I could detect the deadly plans and stop the attacks..Ok, my patriotism overpowers my fun factor here.

Wearing the gadget and becoming invisible any time certainly gives me an opportunity to spook my Hari sadu  boss. (Only if he doesn't use his red goggles to see me. hahaha!! ) Sneaking into an ice cream parlour to hog on my favourite flavours, travel free of cost on the Metro trains, be a part of hi–fi social event, the freedom of doing anything, going anywhere and the list continues..and so does the dream of being invisible one day!

I would walk on Ma’s favorite carpet with my slippers on, but  she would not yell at me! My sis will not question anybody when I’d wear her top which I like so much! I can imagine my brother bumping into me with a stunned look on his face. But not even once would he wonder that what did he bump into?  The cup rising in air and the coffee being sipped by the invisible me. My family being aware of my presence but definitely cannot see me with naked eyes. Feels good to be attend glamorous functions, and of visiting the wonders of the world free of cost. But what’s the point when I can’t get my pictures clicked? What’s the point socializing without having seen by people? The fun & excitement is a little short lived to be turned to reality.

Though it gives a feel good factor for some time, had blog adda not brought up this topic, the fun would have been lost in the pages of old essays without triggering that excitement or wandering of the mind in the lanes of creative thought! Mugambo Khush Hua..Ya true!!  :-)

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