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Monday, January 4, 2010

Winding up..What stood out in 2009?

Time ticks without waiting. What remains are the trails of memories, some for good reasons and some as pricking thorns. It’s up to us weather we learn something from them or merely add them to the book of history like other pages. 2009 has been a year of mixed experiences for everyone. Have we learnt lessons from the mistakes committed in ’09 and wow not to repeat them? Or we sit blindfolded without letting us affect anything?
Kargil operation and IC- 814 hijack incident completed 10th year, Tsunami victims saw the 5th death anniversary of their lost ones in 2009. Have the conditions improved in 2009? Kargil Operation was a victory yet the deceased soldiers’ families are still waiting for compensation from the Government. Villagers who were devastated in Tsunami are still leading a nomadic life waiting for somebody to either help them relocate with a normal life or die with poverty.

The Hijacking was a slap across the face of the Indian Government for the inability to negotiate and let anybody walk in with guns hijacking people. 2009 marked the same history post 26/11/08 Mumbai Attack revealing the vulnerability of the System here. One year has passed by the cruel massacre and our Government is spending Crores of rupees on the terrorist Kasab in order to keep him alive who claims he was framed falsely! That’s where I feel that our system is amputated. However, setting up of NSG hubs in other metro cities by the government was a well appreciated welcoming decision.

Students like me who were ‘soon to be’ MBA graduates spent sleepless anxious nights worrying over the tight market conditions resulting in no vacancies. So I feel lucky to grab a job in an organization which has supported me a lot and given me a great learning platform while a number of my classmates are still unemployed. I wish they get a job for them selves in 2010.Year 2009 will also remain special to me because of the traveling opportunities I got during my tenure in this organization. I feel I am a traveler now :-)
2009 witnessed airlines industry rolling in dust and it was equally painful to see Indian students becoming victim of Racial Attacks abroad. India was bursting with outcry of separate states and a forced thakrey raaj while on the other hand, it gave me some relief to see nations come together for rising concerns of Global Warming. Swine flu was a major concern consistently.

Well, I would run out of pages to wind up 2009 in few words. According to me, the most appealing incident, or lets say the striking moment was the Gay rights support movement in India which came as good news for bisexuals. Activists against it said, that it was nothing but effect of western culture. I fail to understand this statement of theirs. Something which comes naturally to human beings is definitely not a modernized form of living. So far the Indian Government has been quiet on the legalization of the gay rights. I felt the plight of the bisexuals who were cornered by the society where bisexualism was a taboo. The High Court adhered to Constitutional Morality and gave the Homosexuals or the transgenders a reason to cheer. Atleast they would be able to live as part of the society now!

I pity the bisexuals who were prohibited to practice what they wanted. What did the law sing about freedom of choice and freedom to practice? This was one sect of the society who were ill treated even worse than the low castes. My heart went out for them since their discrimination was so unfair! People who married the same sexes whom they loved were either burnt to ashes or disowned by the civilized society. Only few empathized their pain that they were born with this. It wasn't a mere pleasure they gained by posing a “gay” rather they were send by god like this.

The priests and religious leaders left no stone unturned to prove them culprits of the society, misguides of culture. They were humiliated and I salute the spirit of the Indian Law who took a stand to make their lives better unlike our own so called cultural & regional boundations. For me this was something which stood out in 2009 and I wish that the Indian government wakes up on such issues on time.

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