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Heritage Transport Museum- The first of its kind in India

History and heritage have always been of my prime interest since childhood. Delhi gave me loads of opportunities to discover the rich heritage of Indian History through the magnificent monuments and preserved artifacts. This time it was Heritage Transport Museum where I  witnessed the grandeur of mediums of transport that has evolved across centuries. Being one of its kind and the only transport museum of India, you cannot give it a miss. Bring this on your do-do list in NCR and tick it off your bucket list like I did.

A brief history- The brainchild of Mr. Tarun Thakral, Heritage Transport Museum was opened to public in 2013 highlighting how transport changed its course in different era and how it influenced our life. You can read more about the same on its website.

The three acre space has four levels, with each housing an extra ordinary variety of transport mediums, paintings, collectibles and audio-visuals. The audio guided tour throws light on the history and usage of the displayed items. Here is a visual tour of the museum for you in brief.

The Basement has vintage cars, artifacts from roadside shops, fuel and gas station, display of transport used in Bollywood movies and more..

Fiery red beauties

Remember this from Dil To Pagal Hai?

Yesteryear's fuel station- A remake 

A rusty old van found near Ramgarh, picked in as is condition

The ground floor houses  initial history of transport, luxurious train, Horse/camel carts, carriages, tucks, buses, artwork by artists, souvenir shop, small pantry.

Wheels- From where it all started 

                   This terracotta toy, named a bird card was found during the Indus Valley Civilization. This proves that people were                                                  aware of the use of wheels and drew inspiration from the real world.

Set up of railway station from the past

Jodhpur Salon, the predecessor of Palace on Wheels

First Floor
- This houses bikes, scooters, legacy of Hero bikes, cycles, auto and interesting "jugaad" of few states.

Jugaad from Gujarat

"Jugaad" from Haryana

The second floor exhibits a small aircraft, marine transport, a library, the legacy of Maruti, Ambassador, works of artists, childhood nostalgia, toys.

Twinning with Ambassador. Well almost :)

Peek a boo

A smiley tribute to Maruti

The outer premises has traffic signals, truck bonnets and bus from the British time on display.


Timings- 10 am to 7 pm. Closed on Monday.
Entrance fees- Rs 400 adults, Rs 200 for children. Free for kid below 3 years
How to reach- While driving from Gurgaon, cross Kherki Daula toll, stay on the flyover. Take left on Torau Road. Keep moving straight. The museum will be on left.

The entire experience is enhanced by audio guide (The gadgets would be provided to you at the entrance)
Wheelchair friendly- Yes (With slope ramps and elevator)

Pantry- Grab a bite if hungry. Otherwise expensive. (No other restaurant or eating joint nearby). Advisable to carry food with you and keep in your car. 

Souvenir shop-  From stationery and books to mugs, wallets and coasters, the shop has a great variety but is too pricey. (I did not find it worth)

This is great place for history enthusiasts, car and bike lovers, artists, photographers, kids, elders Basically for all age group. No body would be disappointed here. The 400 INR that you spend here are totally worth it.

P.S: My visit to the museum was in September 2018.
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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Lotus Herbals White Glow Day Cream - Product Review

I usually don't review every skin care product that I use. My regular readers would know I blog about the ones that I either liked a lot or hated the most. There is no "average" take for me. This time I am reviewing Lotus Herbals White Glow Day Cream with SPF 25.

I was looking for a light weight, non sticky day cream with SPF. I could have chosen any sunblock for the same, but we all know how sunblocks make your skin look sticky, oily and dark. We don't want to look like deep fried bread. Do we? Lotus has a huge range of skin care products and of-late I have been trying lot of other products from Lotus Herbals. My last pick was Lotus Nutranite Skin Renewal Nutritive Night Cream which turned out to be heavy, making my skin look oily. (Night creams should be light and non oily). I was hence apprehensive about this day cream. However, the online reviews changed my mind and I decided to give it a try.

For starters my skin type is combination with an oily T-point. 

This 50 gm pack comes in a tough glass jar, sturdily packed and sealed. The pack says it is gel creme. Though the color is opaque and not transparent like gel, the light weight gel like texture justifies the name.

The formula and its magic:

The brand claims the product has multiple fruit extract that together provide smoother, brighter and well-protected skin. Its SPF 25 can help you get ideal skin protection while in direct sunlight.It is gel based cream – a unique formulation to help quick absorption and oil free look.The fairness agents provide a brighter complexion while keeping you protected against the harsh effects of sunlight. It rejuvenates the skin from within and provides extra glow. This makes the skin look fresher and lighter than before.It protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays, and thus effectively prevent skin darkening.

What the brand claims- 

  • Works with your skin’s own repair system to undo damage caused by pollutants and other environmental factors during the day
  • Boosts skin resiliency
  • Strengthens skin’s natural defense
  • Restores firmness to your skin
  • Promotes skin tissue regeneration

My take-
I was not looking for a fairness cream (I am comfortable with my complexion and no cream can make your fairer. ) I wanted an all purpose day cream to vitalize and protect my skin. This one solved the purpose besides contributing to brighter tone. 

Being a gel creme, the texture is light and does not weight down on skin. It gets easily absorbed in skin. The best part is that my skin does not turn oily at all. I no more struggle with the shine and sticky look. 

Brightening effect is far fetched and may not show results within few days of use. But my skin feels smoother and fresher than before.

Lotus White Cream has a mild fragrance which does not irritate or cause headache. (Thank God!).  It suited me well and I am happy with the efficacy. I use it before applying tinted cream or makeup. One can use this cream standalone without fearing skin's greasiness.
The cream texture

The cream is NOT for-
Treatment of pimples, acne
Blemish clearing 
Controlling oil on skin
Reducing pore size
Use as cold cream

Light weight
Refreshes skin
Does not leave skin greasy. For all skin type
Suits all age group
Very mild fragrance
Has SPF 25 for good sun protection
Can be used before makeup
Skin feels fresh and revitalized 
Priced at Rs 292 from Amazon, the 50 g quantity is totally worth the price. 

Not paraben free, though chemically tested and not harsh on skin. 
Apart from this I did not find any con in Lotus Herbals White Glow. The only other disadvantage I can think of is the 50 g pack not being travel friendly. You can buy a light weight, sleek 30 g tube for your travel kit.

You can buy Lotus Herbals WhiteGlow Day Gel Creme from hereI would rate Lotus Herbals White Glow Day Cream a straight 4 on 5. 
Repeat buy for me? YES

P.S- The review of the product is my personal opinion and not a brand endorsement. Use of pictures without my permission would violate my copyright. This post is not a sponsored or paid post. For queries or doubts, please get in touch with me at 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Adventure and beauty- Uluwatu Beach,Bali

Merely 2 km from Uluwatu Temple, the gorgeous Uluwatu Beach is a great place for beach bums and surfers. The lime stone rocks amid the mountains make the beach looks like a postcard picture. The gorgeous and exotic location offers a perfect setting for restaurants with a view.

Pro surfers at Uluwatu beach

The road from the temple to the beach spot is smooth and beautiful. You might lose your GPS signal on the way since the road runs through wilderness. Hence do not shy away asking for directions from locals or shopkeepers.

You can park your two wheeler near the shacks where they charge you 3000 IDR as
"parking fee".  5000 IDR is the fee for car park.

Dont worry about helmet or unlocked items on bike. No body steals in Bali. (Of course you wont leave your camera and wallet behind). From the "parking" walk abuot 50 meters to reach a flight of steep stairs. Descending is easy but ascending becomes a humongous task. You might find monkeys lazing around the stairs and most of the times they do not bother tourists. Stay calm and quiet while passing by them. Not making an eye contact with them might help averse attack.

After descending the first flight of stairs, you'd cross a crowded market place selling food and renting beach essentials. Cross the market to reach another staircase that stands atop the beach. The sight of the beach is absolutely thrilling.

My thrill doubled on spotting two dogs. A lazy, hairy, no-so-friendly dog on the stairs and one super friendly, adventure loving, black dog on the beach. The latter loved splashing in the water. Needless to say I befriended the canine immediately.

He is a skilled surfer

The not so friendly Hachiko

The beach place resembles a place from a fairy tale book where the ocean waves lash through two huge rocks. Its too picturesque for words.


It's advisable to keep your belongings on the rocks at a height, safe from water. The waves gush through the mountains and rise as high as five feet. I had almost lost my bag and shoes in one such wave. Thanks to the gentleman on the beach who leaped into the water to retrieve my things. Even the not-so-friendly dog got annoyed when he got wet. haha Locals warn of high tide in evenings. Better leave the place before evening when the shore is submerged in water. 

Before the wave lashed the shore, husband and I soaked in the beauty. He even took the risk of wading to rock in the center. The enormous sea made him speechless. You can cross the beach stretch beneath the staircase and walk further for surfing or other water sports. 

That rock in the center gets submerged in water during high tides.

The beautiful sea shells that dot the beach

You can go beach hopping on several other beaches around Uluwatu. Each beach promises breathtaking views, adventure and pleasant ambiance. Padang Padang, Suluban and Dreamland Beach are to name a few. 

P.S. This trip of mine to Bali was in Aug 2017. 

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