Friday, September 22, 2017

Tanah Lot- The most photogenic temple in Bali

With the record of being the most photographed and the most photogenic temple in Bali, Tanah Lot stands tall and firm on the black rocks since the 16th century. Literally translating into “Land in the sea”, Tanah Lot is said to be a work of Dang Hyang Nirartha, a Hindu traveler and a religious figure in Bali. 

This is one of the seven sea temples around the Balinese coast dedicated to the sea gods.
The large offshore rock has been shaped by the sea waves continuously for years. Resulting this, the temple's face rock started to wear out, posing danger to the surrounding and inside potions of Tanah Lot. The Japanese Government in 1980 helped in conservation of the temple and offered an aid of $130 million for its restoration . The exposed areas were restored and parts of the rock temple are artificial installations, unknown to the public.

Like all other temples, public entry is restricted inside the temple. Visitors can roam around the temple premises and the temple cave. Tanah Lot offers magnificent view of sunset and the surrounding enormous ocean that washes the rocky banks with full might. The holy snake housed in the cave at the foot of the temple is said to be guard Tanah Lot from evil spirits. Seeing the snake is said to bring good luck. Well, you can see and touch it by buying a ticket at 50k IDR which they term as"donation".

Cave of the lucky snake

I made it to the Tanah Lot around 5:30 pm, just before sunset. You need to enter through the market place, passing by the colorful souvenir shops. Suddenly the street echoed with soothing music and got crowded with people dressed in traditional attire, carrying a palanquin or paalki. I instantly felt a divine connection while witnessing the procession.

The market street in evening
The long distance that we traveled and spent lavishly on refilling our scooter's petrol were worth the pain . The gorgeous sunset, the magnificent temple and the traditional procession were visual treats. Post sun down, the market street started to bear a deserted look. We made a pit stop at an eating joint to have an early dinner, since we had famished. My growling tummy gave up and I refused to budge without eating. So much for skipping lunch!

Bali is non vegetarian food haven. For the veg eating mortals, noodles is the safest option. We had a wholesome meal at Naty's with veg noodles topped with egg, crispy fries and banana shake. A smiling courteous staff, great food and relaxed ambiance makes Naty's a "must try" in Tanah Lot.
With beautiful memories and full appetite, we rode back to our hotel, passing through the rice fields and crowded streets.

Though wearing a sarong is practiced at the premises, we did not see anybody sport it. Neither we were asked to tie one. I am assuming they ask to do that during the worship/puja time.

Advisable- Be dressed in breathable comfortable clothes, since the weather is humid and hot during the day. Carry water with you and be prepared for a long ride to and fro. The roads are literally jam packed in the evening. Be patient, do not honk or shout when stuck in traffic in the narrow lanes. It is a common sight and locals are used to this chaos. All you can do it wait for the traffic to clear.

Location-  20 km from Denpasar.
To reach- Hire bike /scooter or taxi.   
Best time to visit- Evening. Reach after 4:30 pm to view the sunset and the religious procession leaving from the temple.
Entry Fees- 60,000 IDR
Entry to the cave of snake- 20,000IDR 

PS. My trip to Bali was in August 2017


  1. Photos say thousand words and your pics really made me feel so..Thailand is on my list since long, thanks for sharing

  2. Recently went to Bali and visited Tanah Lot. It is indeed picturesque. Lovely post.


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