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Sunday, December 25, 2016

NuAyurveda Clinic- Ayurveda wellness

Every tired mind & body needs a break, and there is nothing better than a stress relieving spa. If the spa is inspired from the wisdom of Ayurveda, that adds more authenticity and excitement to the whole experience.

Here I talk about NuAyurveda Clinic, a sister concern of The Four Fountain Spa in Super Mart 1, Gurgaon. I have been to Four Fountain Spa in the South Ex branch and know the brand really well. Their venture with NuAyurveda was new to me.

Balm and medicated oil on display

MyDaily and herbal tea for sale

The moment you enter the premises, the zesty aroma of lemon grass greets your nose followed by a warm smile of Rohit, the center manager. The Buddha's image of the foot reflexology lounge also draws your attention!

As he runs you through the therapies available, you would be directed to meet the consultant doctor Dr. Irshad who specializes in Ayurveda school of medicine. A detailed and enlightening discussion on Kapha, Pitta, Vita, he suggested me Abhyangam, a massage to relieve stress, improve sleep disorders and pain in body. 

The therapy room

The well trained and professional therapists Linni and Asha ushered me to the therapy room.

Well lit, tangy aroma, and soft music instantly lifted my mood! Lights were turned off, with the only light  from bathroom beaming into the room. The veteran therapists began the process by rubbing warm medicated oil starting from ear lobes. Abhyangam is done in 4 classic positions with long flowing strokes. Linny and Asha’s hands were in sync, moving in perfect unison.   

The synchronized motions stimulate nerve ending sand increase blood circulation, there by channelizing elimination of toxins from the body. The herbs in the medicated oils rejuvenate the tissue, improves skin texture and reduces body pain.

The gentle strokes and the correct force on the pressure points transports you another world. I drifted into sleep for a short while. The oil massage was followed by 10 minutes steam and shower.

The forty five minutes of the complete therapy left me feeling rejuvenated and so light, as if some weight was lifted off my back. Oil massage really works! Felt nostalgic of my childhood days, when mom’s daily ritual was to massage oil on my little brother’s body before bathing him. Soon after the bath, he used to sleep. Touch therapy (in this case Ayurvedic massage) has been a traditionally used technique for good development of muscles and bones in kids. These days with so much stress and imbalances in life, Ayurveda plays a vital role in calming your senses and solve a lot of your health problems.  Afterall as they say, health is wealth.

At the reception, I was served a very refreshing green tea to end the session. The clinic has loads of products on display, each comes with specific benefits. I spotted MyDaily Health Drink, which I have consumed once and totally loved it!

Herbal Tesfusion 

I bought a pack of Herbal Teafusion that claims to control inflammation of joints and muscles.  Husband is having the same every day, since he often complaints of joint pain and fatigue.

While the  TeaFusion pack was being billed, Rohit explained how they find out the imbalances in the person’s dosha, based on stress level. Curiosity jumped out of me, wanting to see the machine that gauges stress. Well, it was a small device that is clipped to the right earlobe and connected to the software. Stress levels from 1 to 9 are high, 10- 18 is medium and further very less. Sadly my level was at 8. I suddenly feel the need to take deep breaths and meditate.

The experience at NuAyurveda is wholesome and rejuvenating. I recommend this to all, especially corporate employees.  

For details on treatments and therapies, refer to https://www.nuayurveda.com/ayurvedic-treatments/


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